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Learning Through Play

Little Munchkins Preschool in Otisville, NY invites the youngest learners to shine brightly in our classroom. It will be a year of magical wonder and amazing growth for your little munchkins.

We are part of the Minisink Valley Universal Pre-K Program!

Our Difference

Our curriculum coincides with the NYS common core standards and we have small-group instruction which allows each child individual attention.

The classroom will be theme-based, meaning every week has a theme and a different topic pertaining to that theme. We will integrate this theme into most activities throughout the day and concentrate on one letter and number each week. We will focus on recognizing the letter and number, practice sounding them out, counting, writing and naming things that begin with that letter or number.

The Adventure of Learning

There are many fun and exciting centers that your child is sure to enjoy. We have a Science center where the children are introduced to various topics through experiments. We also have a shopping center where the children can learn about math in a new and exciting way. 

Our Philosophy

Our main philosophy is “Learning Through Play.” This means we strive to make every child’s school experience a positive one!

We offer competitive prices, are flexible with scheduling and believe in an open door policy.

Communication with parents is key to having a wonderful school year for you and your child.

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